Keys to Personal Transformation and Breakthrough

Keys to Personal Transformation and Breakthrough

In my last blog I shared an effective approach that helps to systematically break down negative thoughts and feelings and helps to build up positive ones based on truth. As a result, the neuronal paths in our brain change from withered dark tree patterns to healthy, vibrant neuronal trees. We can literally change the physical structure of our brain when we uproot unhealthy thought patterns and establish healthy new ones.

I also shared that neuroscience has found out that only 3 to 5 percent of our processing powers come from the conscious mind. The rest of it comes from our paradigms—deeply ingrained beliefs in our subconscious mind. And here is the dilemma: If you try to change your thoughts with positive thinking techniques and only focus on a cognitive level only, you will not experience real change, because consciously you might be thinking something new, but subconsciously your paradigm and deeply ingrained belief system is still controlling your results!

Some examples:

Everybody knows that smoking is bad for your health. Those who smoke know they should quit, a majority also has the desire to quit, most of them even know the actions they need to take in order to quit – and yet they don’t do it, or don’t manage. Why? There is an underlying subconscious cause why they smoke, and it usually as to do with numbing a specific area of emotional pain.

Or take a person among your acquaintances who always seems to end up with the ‘wrong partner’ or attracts the ‘wrong type of people’ or the ‘wrong job’. The majority of people don’t choose to do the wrong thing on purpose. But they end up with these undesirable results, because subconsciously an unresolved pattern is still active, which usually stem from experiences that have been buried or stored deep in our subconscious mind.

How the Brain Works

This has all to do with how the brain works and how it stores information and our experiences. Not only does our brain store the content or factual information of the experiences, but also the emotions attached to it – and these are stored in two different parts of the brain: the hippocampus and the amygdala.

The hippocampus is called the archive of our memories: it stores biographical, chronological and narrative information. Feelings and perceptions, along with the physiological reactions (heart rate, sweating, stomach cramp etc.) however, are stored in the amygdala.

The hippocampus is referred to as the “cool-system” and is active most of the time. The amygdala is labeled as the ‘hot’ system because it works like a fire department of our brain. It is an alarm system that gets activated when we are in dangerous and emotionally overwhelming situations. Adrenaline and cortisol is produced to create high alertness and prepare us for fight or flight responses.

When the “hot” alarm system of the amygdala is activated, the cognitive processing powers of the frontal lobe with the hippocampus are slowed down and temporarily deactivated, and our whole system is focused on escaping the dangerous situation that we feel threatened by.

How to explain Irrational Behavior

When this happens, data is directly stored in the subconscious mind and later on we often can only recall fragments or we may not be able recall the entire experience at all, let alone details of thoughts, emotions, feelings and perceptions.

Our feelings and physiological reaction are stored separately in the amygdala, and when the information coming in via our five senses is not processed by our conscious mind (frontal lobe system), it is fragmented and directly stored in the subconscious mind with the emotional load we experience in the given situation.

The problem though is this: the high emotional load can get activated by unrelated situations and experiences in the present when there is sufficient material that correlates with the original situation that caused us to get into the “emergency’ fight or flight mode – and we might only in part or not even at all remember this event or its details consciously.

When there is sufficient correlation in sound, smell, sight or touch in the present with the threatening experience in the past, the same physiological reaction can be triggered. That can be a simple as a combination of color and sound – the rest of the situation in the present is totally unrelated.

As a consequence, we could be overcome by a sudden feeling of panic, irritation, emotional pain or discomfort with no plausible cause in the present. Because we are in need of logical explanations of seemingly irrational feelings and behaviors we experience, we invent all kinds of explanations of what caused us to feel the emotions we have no explanation for: sudden panic, intense feeling of unease, fear, anger – you can name it.

Following the Smoke Trail

Unreasonable emotional reactions (which are physiological changes that occur in our body and that we ‘perceive’ as feelings) are like a smoke trail. The sudden mood change or state of emotion is just a smoke trail indicating that there is a fire going on elsewhere – and when you follow the smoke trail of the ‘hot system’ (the amygdala which stores feelings and physiology), the origin of the ‘real fire’ that caused the alarm system in our body to be activated will be released into the conscious mind.

Once the fragmented data comes to the surface, the conscious part of our brain can process the information properly and the emotional load of the original alarming situation is taken off.

Together with the emotions, deep ingrained convictions and belief systems are released via the amygdala, and once they are brought from the subconscious to the conscious mind, they lose their power and the mind can be renewed with the truth. But when they remain hidden, they remain active ‘under cover’ and hamper our progress.

If there are unhealthy certain patterns in your life that seem to repeat itself over and over again, it is an indication that you are driven by unresolved subconscious hidden drives. If present situations trigger an emotional response that is out of proportion to what actually just happened, it is a smoke trail indicating that there’s still a fire active in the subconscious mind which can consume your well-being, relationships, health and progress in life.

The following symptoms can be a sign for unresolved material you carry in your subconscious mind: sudden mood changes, fear, panic, depression, getting hurt easily, low self-image, burn-out, chronic fatigue, anger, irritability, persistent relationship conflicts. If you recognize any of these signs in your life and you want to eliminate the subconscious hidden drives, book your first coaching session for a discount of 50% here.

Breakthrough and Transforamtion

There is good news though: the subconscious hidden drives that are interfering with your life right now can be located and eliminated with a scientifically underscored technique that I apply in my personal transformation coaching.

This approach works form the inside out and is one of the most effective methods I know to deal with the negative emotional load that drive our belief system, decisions and behavioral patterns. Coaching session result in more freedom, more peace, more joy, more energy, improved health and improved relationships. I have tested and seen the in my own life: In 2011 I ended up in a burnout for 9 months and was incapable of working, and no counseling or therapy brought the change I needed. However, after I came across this appraoch and had a series of coachng sessions myself I was working full-time again within three months!

I am able to walk out my destiny and live my dreams, traveling all over the world, interviewing some of the greatest leaders of our time and publishing my book Dream Chasers: Overcoming Life’s Obstacles On Your Way To Your Destiny because I have dealt with the intertnal roadblocks that have hampered my progress.

Read some of the experiences other people have had with this approach here.

If you want to understand more of the science of the brain and how this unique approach works in detail you can purchase my video training “Unleashing Your Hidden Potential” for 50% discount here.

If you want to make 2017 a year of breakthrough and change, if you want to walk out more of your destiny, pursue your dreams and experience more freedom, one of the strongest assets you can invest in is your emotional wholeness and removing roadblocks from your past that inhibit your progress.

Make this year a year of transformation and breakthrough! Take the right steps many who have gone before you have tested and tried. Remember that your external reality can never exceed your internal reality. True success comes from the inside out, so focus on the right areas of growth in your life and the rest will align itself! Take the next step and book a personal transformation session for 50% discount here.

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Getting Rid of Toxic Thinking

Getting Rid of Toxic Thinking


MindsetHave you ever tried to get into somebody’s head? Well, don’t! It might look nasty in there, in particular if that person has negative or toxic thoughts. Did you know that thought patterns have a structure that look like trees in our brain? Thoughts cling to neurons, but when negative thoughts are formed and become part of our subconscious mind, the neuronal path looks like a dried out old prune, or like a dark, withered tree.

When I saw the literal image of the neurophysiological structure of a thought, and in particular of a toxic one, I was pretty shocked. No wonder I sometimes feel like a dried out old prune(click here to view image)! And let’s face it, we all have toxic thoughts and are so often confronted with our ‘stinking thinking’ – our negative internal self-talk and convictions.

Here’s the good news though: You can detox your brain and build new healthy neuronal structures by systematically tearing down unhealthy thought patterns and building up healthy thoughts! We actually have the power to change the physical structure of our brain, and as such, we can change our mental and physical condition by changing the way we think.

However, whenever motivational speakers started talking about ‘mindset’, changing your thought life, or renewing your mind, my hair would stand on end, because they’d always address the problem and tell you what needed to be changed – but not how it could be changed.

I’m going to share two approaches I have found really helpful in changing my thought patterns and systematically breaking down negative, toxic thinking. Today’s blog will focus on the first approach, which you can start applying right away. In my next blog I will share the second approach, which will focus on getting the deeply hidden subconscious convictions that inhibit our progress in life to the surface. Before I get to the first approach though, I will explain briefly where our thoughts come from and why they are so pivotal in determining the way our life.

3000 + Thoughts per Hour

Neuroscientists estimate that we have 50,0000 – 70,0000 thoughts per day, which comes down to 40-50 thoughts per minute. However, we are only aware of a fraction of these thoughts in our conscious minds. The majority of thoughts, feelings, and convictions are stored in our subconscious minds. And guess what: the decisions we make in daily life are based on thoughts and feelings that are activated in our subconscious minds.

Only about 3 to 5 percent of our processing powers come from the conscious mind. The rest of it comes from our deeply ingrained beliefs in our subconscious mind. And here is the dilemma: If you try to change your thoughts with positive thinking techniques and only focus on a cognitive level only, you will not experience real change – because consciously you might be thinking something new, but subconsciously your paradigm is still controlling your results!

The Brain Detox

One approach to deal with our deeply ingrained (negative) convictions, thoughts, and paradigms is the Brain Detox model by Dr. Caroline Leaf. What you do is this: Take a negative thought (for instance: I’m not good enough, If only…. I wish I had…), write it in the middle of an A4 paper and circle it in. Then create a mind-map around it: what feelings are associated with that thought? What memories come up? What other thoughts are related? What words come to mind?

Mind-mapping is a very effective tool for generating intense and focused thought processes. What I like about this mind-mapping approach is that it helps to actually get a whole thought pattern related to one thought on paper and you see what your thought looks like – and the structure looks like a tree with multiple branches of different associations, convictions, experiences and memories.

Second, it brings subconscious internal thoughts and conversations to the conscious mind. Sometimes you might just be experiencing a nagging negative feeling and you don’t know what is the real issue. Sit down and try to identify the feeling, pinpoint it as precisely as possible. It might be anger, fear, anxiety, worry – you name it. Put this in the middle of a piece of paper and branch out related thoughts, beliefs, memories, and feelings that are attached to that thought. This will take some effort and time, but while doing this you are already in the process of detoxing your brain.

When I did this with some of my own prevailing negative thoughts, feelings, and convictions, it was quite eye-opening. No wonder I felt so exhausted and at times like a dried out old prune if this is what is all going on in my subconscious brain – and all these feelings, memories, convictions and thoughts are attached to just this one initial ‘thought’.

Once you have mind-mapped and journaled out one specific thought pattern, take a break and then look at it again to identify common threads. The goal is to identify the lies in the thought pattern that you put on paper. Well, the next question is how can you can know what is a lie and what is the truth about this thought, because obviously lie that has been stored in your subconscious mind will feel true to you. Here is where what I do and what this approach suggests: take time to meditate and pray and ask God what the truth is about this thought pattern.

Integration vs Dissociation

The important part is that the truth needs to penetrate your heart = the mind, will and emotions – and not just to the intellect. Proverbs 16 says, “As a man thinks in his heart, so he is.” Thoughts usually penetrate the heart when God speaks a word, impression, picture, or Scripture right to your heart. You have to know as well as feel the truth in you heart – not just try make declarations with your intellect.

You can only change the way you think and renew your mind in an integrated process, where your thoughts, feelings and convictions become one. Then declaring the truth becomes powerful and we can say to a mountain ‘ be moved and be cast into the sea’ and it shall be done. That’s when we speak and declare truth with authenticity and with authority, and that’s when our negative thought patterns are broken down and new, healthy ones are built up.

Many approaches focus on the mere cognitive level, emphasizing that you cannot be ruled by your emotions. While there is truth in it, an overemphasis on the mind vs. the emotions and making positive declarations has led to a dissociated mumbo-jumbo, which doesn’t bring lasting change to the heart. Positive declarations alone do not reach the thoughts, which are active in our subconscious mind and determine our decisions, behavior, and results.

Once you’ve identified the lies and countered that with truth, you need to look at this mind-map every day and oppose the lies with the truth you have received up to seven times a day. Within 21 days, the negative thought pattern is broken down and you will experience tangible change in that area of thinking. The main focus needs to be on the positive truths within these 21 days. Depending on how deeply ingrained the particular thought has been, another 21 days might be necessary to totally erase the negative thought. Another 21 days should focus in building up the positive, affirming, truthful thought pattern.

If you you would like more information or guidance in dealing with you can get Dr. Caroline Leaf’s 21 Brain Detox Program on an app. If you need would like more assistance in dealing with a particular area that has been inhibited by negative thoughts you can book a free consultation with me here.

I hope you find this information helpful and that you are going to tackle one of your negative thoughts by trying this approach. I’d love to hear your comments, experiences and thoughts!


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