Module 1 of this training covers this question:
What is God’s will for my life?
I will share 2 life-Lessons that have been forgotten ways to recognize how God speaks to us 24/7.

Module 2 addresses the question: What if I can´t meet His expectations? 

The life lessons for this question is:

3.Your Destiny is not your destination.
4. There is nothing wrong with you,*stupid*…

Module 3 deals with the question: How do I bridge the gap between what I know and what I do?
The life-lessons five and six will address that question:

5. Failure is not an Option – It`s a guarantee.
6. Look for the Answer, not the Solution.

The last module addresses this question: How do I fully participate in life and make a difference here and now? Life lessons seven and eight will point to the answer:

7. There is no gap to bridge, only a life to be lived.
8. It`s not about You..

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