ver the past two years I have studied the lives of the most significant leaders of our times and have spoken to many of them in person to find out about their ‘secret’ to success. Here is what I found out: they don’t have ‘secrets’. They are people like you and me. They are ordinary people who have simply become extraordinary, because they discovered their God given treasure – who they were made to be – and started living their lives to the fullest.

And here is what I know about you, without having met you: You have a treasure inside of you, which is waiting to be discovered and to be released! I believe every person on this planet has an unlimited treasure of unique talents, dreams, passions and resources. There is a reason why you are on planet earth and I know you were born for such a time as this.

The Dream Chasers TREASURE Program™ is a series of life-lessons, which take you on a journey of discovering the treasure you carry inside and enable you to release it to the world! They launch you into the next level and help you make a quantum leap in living life to the fullest – Your Life! For more information about the Dream Chasers training packages or a free consultation session register below.

This coaching program has brought significant change to my life. The first phase has helped me put meaning and purpose to my day. With the principles learned in strategizing I now feel more accomplished in my daily life. Going through all the stages of the program has inspired me to take courageous steps and seek purpose. Most of all, I have discovered the real treasure hidden inside of me and I am now on my way to actualize my God given dreams, talents, desires, and passions ….

Colette Randall

EX-Engineer, Now Dream Chaser