Dream Chasers: Becoming Resilient In The Face Of Hardship


verybody has a destiny, but not everybody fulfills it. Everybody has greatness in them, but not everybody displays it. Why is that so? People have many reasons for that, but according to a study from Fuller Theological Seminar on destiny, one of the predominant reasons why many people do not fulfill their ultimate life call is that they do not understand the maturing process God takes them through on their way to their destiny.

Many people set out with great vision, but lose sight or even give up when they face contradictory circumstances, disappointment, loss, tragedy or resistance.

Uta has interviewed prominent leaders from different walks of life on this maturing process and asked them about the most difficult seasons they have encountered and how they navigated through these challenging times. Dream Chasers takes you on a journey into the hearts and minds of amazing people such as Les Brown, Bill Johnson, Rolland and Heidi Baker, Loren Cunningham, Dr. Sandra Kennedy, Canon Andrew White, Wm Paul Young, and Desmond Tutu.  DISCOVER MORE


What People Are Saying About Dream Chasers

Every human being IS a story. Dream Chasers is an exploration of raw human experience; invitations to look through the eyes of another’s story and back at our own. Such self-reflection is essential to transformation, and there is no place safer than inside the holy ground of another person’s story.

William Paul Young

Author, The Shack

Dream Chasers is a great project that gets to the heart of the challenge of the Christian life: navigating through seasons of pain and contradiction by trusting God, who is always good. You can’t help but be inspired as you read the stories of trials and victories of some of my personal heroes. I’m sure you will find hope and courage to follow through on your own journey as you pursue your destiny and fulfill your God-given dreams!

Bill Johnson

Author, When Heaven Invades Earth and God is Good

If you have a dream inside of you and you want to know how to make your dream come true, you must read this book! Dream Chasers is full of spiritual insights and practical life lessons from those who have navigated through setbacks, disappointments and hardships while holding on to their dreams. You will get hungry to pick up your dream again and know how to pursue greatness!

Les Brown

Motivational Speaker and Author, Live Your Dreams

Dream Chasers is an encouraging book with testimonies of several of us, but all of you that are reading this book have a dream, and it started with a dream from the heart of God. As you chase the dream in your life and overcome the challenges and obstacles on your way, you will be fulfilled, and you will see God working through you!

Loren Cunningham

Founder & Author, Youth With A Mission (YWAM) and Author of Is it really You, God?

Dream Chasers is a book that encourages the reader to pursue the fullness of his calling and destiny. This is a book about getting up when life knocks you down. It is about taking risks and seeing the glory of God’s kingdom come in all its fullness. It is about how love changes everything. It is a book that must be read!

Canon Andrew White

Vicar Emeritus of Baghdad, Author of Faith Under Fire and The Vicar of Baghdad

Dream Chasers is encouraging, thought provoking, inspiring, and very well written. It will impact everyone who reads it! We all have dreams. The challenge is finding how to live them out. We can learn from the stories told in this book of how to work with the Lord in fulfilling the dreams He’s put on our hearts for the world in which we live!

Sally McClung

Missionary and Co-Founder, All Nations, South Africa

Profile image Desmond Tutu by Sir Michael Culme-Seymour, used by permission. All images used by permission of the owners.