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Discover Your Purpose. Live A Wholehearted Life.

 I help people find the expression of their true identity and calling and walk from a place of
Longing to Belonging.

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Have you ever wondered what your purpose is and where to find the place you belong? Many people do, but most people try to find that place by chasing after their longings. They go from one speaker, programme, conference, prophet, church, motivational talk or relationship to another – only to find they are chasing the carrot! If you can identify with that, this training is for you, because the key to purpose and belonging is not somewhere out there – it is inside of you!
In this foundational course, I am sharing eight life-lessons that will guide you to your unique pathway from a place of longing to belonging!

This course covers these four fundamental life questions:

• What is God’s will for my Life?
• What if I cannot live up to His expectations?
• How do I bridge the gap between what I know and what I do?
• How do I fully participate in life and make a difference here and now?

Become a Dream Chaser

Dream Chasers helps you connect with your true identity and find meaning and purpose from a place of wholeness and authenticity! My vision is to see people released into walking out their dreams and help them overcome the obstacles and setbacks they are facing on the way. Life is a process, not an event – and I am focused on mentoring people through the process of navigating the next step to a more abundant life. I do this by offering online courses, 1:1 mentorship, and transformational coaching.


Unlocking Your Destiny Training helps you connect with your passions, identity and potential, get clarity on your destiny and make strategic plans to walking it out while navigating the realities of life: setbacks, loss, disappointment and broken dreams.


The Personal Transformation Coaching helps you deal with the internal obstacles you are facing such as fear, limiting beliefs, self-sabotage, stress, exhaustion, depression, burn-out, health and relationship problems – and find your purpose from a place of wholeness and belonging. Read more about this unique approach here.

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