believe in the power of stories. People identify with people, not with concepts. People look up to heroes, but it’s important that heroes do not only share their moments of glory, victory and successes, but also their struggles and vulnerability. We all have different stories, but we all share one common denominator in our stories: pain. Most people though don’t admit to it and instead are hiding behind a mask of outward ‘success’. We don’t address this, but the pain and shame of failure is the number one cause of stress and isolation in our current society – churches included.


The movie Shadowlands portrays a part of CS Lewis’ life – the part that was full of contradiction and tragedy. In a conversation with one of his students CS Lewis says: “We read so we know that we are not alone.” Yet most people, when facing contradictions, tragedy and disappointment, feel alone.  That’s why the purpose of this book is to show what obstacles and painful experiences different role-models of our time have faced in their lives and how they navigated through these difficult seasons. I believe the reader will receive greater understanding of God’s ways, insight into his own journey, and faith, hope and determination to follow through his own process.
I’m in the process of taking the last interview. Estimated release of the book: summer 2017.