verybody has a destiny, but not everybody fulfills it. Everybody has greatness in them, but not everybody displays it. Why is that so? People have many reasons for that, but according to a study from Fuller Theological Seminar on destiny, one of the predominant reasons why many people do not fulfill their ultimate life call is that they do not understand the maturing process God takes them through on their way to their destiny.


Many people set out with great vision, but lose sight or even give up when they face contradictory circumstances, disappointment, loss, tragedy or resistance.


I have interviewed prominent leaders from different walks of life on this maturing process and asked them about the most difficult seasons they have encountered and how they navigated through these challenging times. Dream Chasers takes you on a journey into the hearts and minds of amazing people such as Les Brown, Bill Johnson, Rolland and Heidi Baker, Loren Cunningham, Dr. Sandra Kennedy, Canon Andrew White, Wm Paul Young, and Desmond Tutu.  DISCOVER MORE